A short history of this site:

In accordance with the site's name "pgpkeys", one of the first purposes with this site was to run a PGP public key server. This however was fairly quickly paused due to some technical issues surrounding the keyserver software's capacity to handle large ("huge") database files. The keyserver was discontinued and has been ever since. 

In parallell to the keyserver functionality I thought it would be handy to gather some PGP-related information on the site and this has grown slowly since that. Today though (2010-) the links section contain a lot of dead links, you should start your searches into PGP by searching the web (ie googling).

Also, for various reasons, today (2013-) I strongly suggest you use GnuPG as your first choice for an OpenPGP compatible (RFC 4880) application.

One of the specific types of software I thought would be interesting to have gathered at one place was the older ones, since they became somewhat harder to find due to some home pages that used to carry them vanished from the net. So, in order to save some kind of historical reference of PGP, for "research purposes", historical references, fun or whatever, I have put together a collection of the older PGP versions on the software page at this site. Some of the software can still be used today(*) in various ways (like if you want to use PGP on DOS, which can also be done on W2000/XP/7 etc).

I have placed a few versions of GnuPG here but be adviced that I may not have the lates ones here so you should ALWAYS first go to the GnuPG web site.

The GnuPG is an excellent replacement for those wanting to use "PGP" with a command line interface ("DOS window", command.com or cmd.exe.) In addition to the software found here you'll also find a lot of older PGP documents and some PGP related links.

My personal email address at this site is: jo at pgpkeys dot org

Encrypted emails are accepted and encouraged, keys here.

(*) For security reasons this may be a very poor choice though.